My Cats

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A picture of Kitty


Gender: Female
Colours: Black, with white on her belly, chest, and chin.
Birthday: Aug 2014
Age: 8 years
Adoption Source: Private
Adoption Location: Tyne Valley, PEI
Kitty was the first cat I adopted on my own shortly after leaving home and moving to a new province. I adopted her roughly a month after moving. At the time she was the only kitten I could find within driving distance from Summerside and she was the last of her mother's litter. In retrospect I think she was taken from her mother a few weeks too early, but I have no way of confirming this.

Kitty generally isn't a friendly cat, though she can tolerate strangers if they keep their distance. She is very fond of me, but the same can not be said for other people in her life.


Gender: Female
Colours: Grey and White
Birthday: March 2010
Age: 12 years
Adoption Source: Family
Adoption Location: Digby, NS
A picture of Mouse
Mouse was adopted in the spring of 2010 by my mother, I believe after one of our cats passed away. Mouse is an extremely intelligent polydactyl cat (far smarter than my other cats) who was an outdoor cat prior to about five years old.

Mouse came to live with me after she started having serious issues with another cat that resulted in a decline in her health. Since that point she's been happy, healthy, and she gets along particularly well with Kitty.

Mouse is a very tiny cat and has been her whole life. She doesn't weigh very much and would generally be considered underweight, but she is healthy. She has special food available to her if she wants it with a higher fat and protein content.

A picture of Bella


Gender: Female
Colours: All of them.
Birthday: Unknown, suspected in 2008, no earlier than 2007.
Age: ~14 years
Adoption Source: PEI Humane Society
Adoption Location: Charlottetown, PEI
Special Needs: Diabetic
Bella was adopted by me from the PEI Humane Society in 2016 and while I like her I'm still not sure in retrospect why I chose to adopt her at that time. Regardless of the reasons Bella is an extremely friendly cat (to humans) and very loving, she regularly sits on the sofa with me and I often wake up to find her sleeping in my bed.

Bella was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2019 and has required twice daily insulin injections and monthly vet visits since. She is healthy otherwise, but will require this care for as long as she lives.

No one is truly sure of Bella's age, but she is by far the older cat I own. When I adopted her the humane society estimated she was eight, so she is likely somewhere in the 13-15 year old range. I personally believe she is at the higher end of this range.


Gender: Male
Colours: Solid Black
Age: 5 years
Adoption Source: Family
Adoption Location: Digby, NS
Notes: Brother of Fidget, Bonded Pair.
A picture of Edgar
Edgar is a large, solid, black cat who along with his brother came to live with me in 2020 after a family member's living situation changed. Edgar is an extremely friendly, though slightly timid cat who has endless energy despite being well past kittenhood.

Edgar is bonded with his brother and they can not be easily separated, nor should they be in the future.

All for all Edgar is a very likeable cat, he's basically what most people would expect the standard cat to be.

A picture of Fidget


Gender: Male
Colours: Black, Grey, Brown, White
Age: 5 years
Adoption Source: Family
Adoption Location: Digby, NS
Notes: Brother of Edger. Bonded Pair.
Fidget is a medium sized multi-colour cat who along with his brother came to live with me in 2020 after a family member's living situation changed. Fidget is extremely shy and timid, but has quite literally endless energy. Given the option Fidget will bounce off the walls of the house all day.

Fidget takes a very long time to warm up to new people, but when he does he's a very nice cat. When strangers enter the house or Fidget feels unsure of a situation he runs away and hides under the blankets on my bed. In total it probably took six month for Fidget to be truly comfortable around me.

Fidget is a bonded pair with his brother Edgar, though perhaps less bonded to Edgar than Edgar is to him.