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Who are you calling a Cretin?

Cretin is an IRC client for RISC OS, originally developed by Antony and Andrew Sidwell in 2002

So what is it doing here? Well, after using the alpha version and seeing its potential, I badgered them until they finally relented, and, in late November 2005, released the source under an open licence.

Any changes after that point are my own work, and as such, any problems or queries are to be directed to me, James Scholes

So what's new?

I'm glad you asked. When I received the sources for Cretin, the product was in a very unfinished state.
As an IRC client, it worked, and worked rather well. Over most RISC OS clients, Cretin boasts multiple servers, tabbed channels, and lua scripts. The trouble was all the little things: configuration, options, ease of use, that sort of thing.
As such, this it where I've concentrated my efforts. Cretin now boasts:

And which computers did you say it ran on, again?

Currently, Cretin can run on any RISC OS computer with the Nested Window Manager and SharedUnixLibrary
In theory, that's everything from RISC OS 3.1 to 5.11 inclusive. However, it's only been tested on the following: RISC OS 3.7, RISC OS 4.02, RISC OS 4.39 (Select), RISC OS Adjust, VirtualRPC-SE, RISC OS 5.11 (Iyonix). If you manage to run it on anything else, please let me know.
Note that Cretin v0.20b now works on the Iyonix, and, to the best of my knowledge, the A9home. Thanks for this conversion to a 32bit compatible version go largely to James Bursa, and also to all the people on IRCnet I've been bugging about this.

Download (or: OK, how do I get it?)

Cretin 0.23b - This is the latest version, 32bit compatible (Uploaded 09:20 12/09/2006)
Cretin 0.19b - This is the pre-32bit version. If you aren't running on an Iyonix or an A9home and need DCC, download this version (Uploaded 23:02 25/04/2006)
Cretin 0.15b - This is the first beta version, tested and pretty stable (Uploaded 13:32 16/01/2006)
Cretin Sources 0.08a - The original source files, mainly for reference (Uploaded 23:25 01/12/2005)
Cretin Sources 0.20b - The latest source files, used to build the latest version, above (Uploaded 23:25 25/04/2006)
Cretin Sources 0.19b - The previous, non-32bit source files, used to build 0.19b, above (Uploaded 23:56 23/02/2006)
The is also a SubVersion library hosted by Peter Naulls at which will always contain the latest version.

Version 0.20b and later are built against the SharedUnixLib which must be installed. You will also need ZapFonts to use Cretin. Important note: the version of ZapFonts included in a normal archive appears to be missing the AddPath BASIC file, so please make sure you fetch a version from either or everything(32).zip. If you've got the wrong version, Cretin can't load any fonts, so it won't work properly.


You can see severalscreenshots of Cretin in action (version 0.16b), showing many of the user options.

View the new help file online.

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